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Some gratitude to share

I’m grateful for the following:


Several friends — who all have babies born in December! So when their babies turn one, Tax Deduction will arrive! — have loaned me maternity clothes. Thank you. Thank you! Thank you! They are cool maternity clothes. They are — dare I say it — stylish?

My last pregnancies,  I wore things like this

And now? I wear things like this

Thank you, Das Goofenheimer and Friend Without a Nickname *for now. (There are several possibilities but I haven’t narrowed anything down yet.) They are also regular members of the Friday Night Girls Card Game, which takes place here when My Chemical Romance is at Nerd Night.


Have I mentioned I’m a Child Passenger Safety Technician?

For a while, when I was overwhelmed with too many things to do, I wasn’t so into car seats. Now I’m back. First, The Informant outgrew her Bri*tax Marathon by height, so she needed a new seat. I got her a Gra*co Nautilus. I loooooooooove the seat. Love. What a great install, what a great design, what a great seat! It’s a forward facing-only seat, that goes to 65lbs with a harness (although will be outgrown by height before 65lbs) and then converts to a high-back booster and also a backless booster. Fantastic seat, and the price is good, around $150.

Then I found out about Tax Deduction and one of my first concerns was where the hell everyone would fit in my car. Seriously. I have five seats in the back of my minivan. I will soon have five children filling those seats. When car seats are wider than about 10 inches across — and this includes cup holders and arm rests — it’s hard to fit them. I’ve been stressing and dreaming of winning the lottery so I can buy a 2008 Dodge Sprinter Passenger van which seats a bunch of kids — with LATCH and tethers!

look at all those seats!

I’ve been toying around with “puzzles” — car seat lingo for different configurations of car seats that work together in one row — and practically crying. My car and my seats — and my kids! — don’t puzzle well. Finally, after poring over and talking to my friend J who is a very experienced, highly OCD-about-car-seats tech, I came up with a solution: get an extra third-row and put it where my second row is (currently two captain’s chairs), and then use the following puzzle configuration in the second row: Animal, My Masterpiece, Tax Deduction. Third row: Mineral, The Informant.

It works. Somehow. And we don’t need a new car that we can’t afford. (Just a new seat: the supremely narrow Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL for My Masterpiece, which will puzzle nicely between Animal’s booster and Tax Deduction’s infant seat.)


Yeah, still a bit freaked out about the pregnancy. Four kids is overwhelming at times. Sometimes, it’s so overwhelming that the mere idea of five makes me want to crawl into bed with a good book (I have been reading like a total maniac for the last few weeks. I merely finish a book, take a breath and begin a new one. I start to panic when I have less than three books on my nightstand.) Anyway, I’ve gotten a lot of support.

My Chemical Romance looks at me like I’m crazy when I mention my trepidation about five kids ages seven and under. He just accepts things at face value; I’m pregnant with Tax Deduction so therefore we will have five kids ages seven and under so therefore it will be fine. Oh, to be that… sane.

My friends have been very understanding. Wii tolerates my incessant crankiness — combined with whining about a pregnancy-cold that is driving me absolutely freaking out of my damn mind — with great aplomb. My nose! Won’t stop running! I can’t breathe! And it never gets better!

My Face*book “friends” who have scheduled inductions-that-turn-into-c-sections (or, more frequently, just scheduled c-sections for suspected macrosomia or being GBS positive or just plain old “my doctor told me it was time for me not to be pregnant anymore”) remind me why I’m happy to have a homebirth. Someone I know is being induced in late June because she’s due on July 4 and if she goes into labor then, “there won’t be enough staff on at the hospital because it’s a holiday.” Really???? Better tell all the rednecks not to play with fireworks, in that case!


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Hot and bothered.

It’s like freaky crazy weird humid here right now, and I think my core temp is 103. Except I don’t have that feeling of being COLD that comes with a fever.

When we lived in Arizona, our air conditioning unit was like the size of a small shed and super powerful. Like SuperA/C. Plus the house was a ranch, so I could get it COLD. Here, we have this anemic wheezy air conditioning unit — two actually; one for upstairs and one for downstairs — and they’re both pathetic. Before we had our windows tinted — thank you, last year’s tax refund! — I couldn’t keep the upstairs below 80 in the afternoons. Our windows face all east and west. Now I can get it to 78, which is acceptable but 76 is really preferable.

I know the summer will pass. It’s already mid-June. Keep watching this blog few a few months and you’ll soon read rants about how I’m turning into an icicle.

Wii points out that I’m a tad grouchy lately. To which I reply, What the eff are you talking about someone being grouchy?!?!? Who is grouchy???? I am not grouchy!!!! How dare you!!!!

There’s also the small situation of my latest asstivities:

First a recap —

1. I got an anal fissure while on vacation in Dis*ney. It really hurt and I had it surgically repaired while in Florida by a doctor who clearly received his surgery credentials from the University of Phoenix.

2. It didn’t heal well. Maybe it didn’t heal at all. I don’t know — it hurt for way longer than it should have, and I was on painkillers for a month.

3. I kept going to Dr. Assy McSweetcheeks (aka Rob Lowe, MD) and he kept promising that I just needed another week.

4. Finally, last week, I went in and saw him again and he told me I have… DRUMROLL… an anal fistula.

I honestly can’t really explain it — something about a bacteria-and-necrotic-tissue-filled tunnel. In my butt. I was so absolutely horrified when Dr. Assy McSweetcheeks told me, I didn’t even think to ask any intelligent questions. I just wanted to crawl out of my (totally completely disgusting) body.

I think the main issue I have with my anal fistula is that it sounds like something you get from too much fisting and… ew. Can’t they just call it a bacteria-and-necrotic-tissue-filled tunnel in my butt? That is trying to make its escape via my sphincter muscle? I’d really prefer that to something with the same root word as FISTING. Shudder.

I’m having surgery to have it repaired, but not til after we get back from our family vacation. Because, as My Chemical Romance points out, I heal at a glacial pace and I want to enjoy our vacation. Complaining and all.

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